Everybody won’t be in your front pew

When I was little, I remember my grandma telling me, “Everybody can’t be in your front pew.”  It was a hard statement for me to understand then.  As I got older, I began to understand where she was coming from.  Essentially, she is saying everyone should not know your business.  Period.  Ironically before my husband and I got married, I read a book called “Lies at the Altar” by Dr. Robin Smith.  She discussed this same theory of a “room” full of people.  Some people would be seated at your table, some closer than others.  Some people would start out close to your marriage and will move over time, either because the couple has distanced themselves or the person has decided to move their seat.  Others would be standing because there is not enough room at the table for everyone to sit.

Yesterday, I thought about my grandma and her cliche.  I decided to change it to say, “Everybody won’t be in your front pew.”  When thinking about people and their relationship to you, we forgot sometimes that the relationship is always a two-way street.  For example I had someone seated at my table but by her own actions and decisions, she moved herself.  It was a decision made for me.  I thought our friendship was solid, but learned that I was the only one who thought so. 

The more I think about this I realize that the word “can” presents some uncertainty on the behalf of both people involved in a friendship, relationship, association or whatever you want to call it.  Sure you can sit in my front pew, but will you do what it takes to stay there?  Hence the reason I changed the quote.  I can put you in a place wherever I choose in my life, but it’s up to the person to want to stay there.

First Post

So, it’s my first post.  Never blogged before.  But I figure as I start a new journey, there is no time like the present.

I have not seen any dramatic bodily changes yet.  Only some tenderness in the mammary glands and I have gas alot.

I am worried about a number of things.  But I try to bask in the newness that is upon us.  The changes that are taking place physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Thanking God daily for such an opportunity.  I feel an honor to be a vessel for Him, to edify Him in such a way that only a woman can.  Thank you.

I will not say too much more.  Though, I may have said enough already.